Mitchell D. Miller. Tampa, Florida. I created COVID USA News in 2021, because I wanted to read news about the COVID pandemic, from a diverse group of Websites.

This Website is powered by WordPress, because I have lots of experience writing WordPress plugins.

COVID USA News gets news updates from The News API about 30 times a day. You must subscribe to The News API to use this Website. I am not affiliated with this company.

However, The News API service has worked perfectly for over six months. Additionally, their API makes it easy to block any news source, if desired.

It is also easy to add and remove news topics on this Website, because each topic has its own plugin, database table, and schedule.

Images are retrieved from sources, checked for size, and converted to .webp for smaller file sizes. News topics are saved as WordPress transients, and cached by PHP OPcache for fast response.

Since categories are independent, an article might appear in multiple categories. Therefore, the system checks for duplicate articles every hour. Articles are automatically deleted after 15 days, or if topic exceeds user-defined quota.

Daily Hospitalizations and Deaths

Daily Coronavirus statistics from the New York Times are displayed for states, to find out if hospitalizations and deaths decreased.

The New York Times publishes statistics, sometime after midnight. System downloads new statistics at 02:30, in case update is delayed.

Host COVID USA News On Your Server

I am tired of looking at depressing COVID News.

Would you like me to install this Website on your server?

Please send me a reasonable offer in US dollars. I also open to a trade.

Mitchell Miller