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Mitchell D. Miller. Tampa, Florida. Greetings from Tampa, Florida.

Although I ride a bicycle regularly, I decided to join a gym for additional exercise and activities. A “Guest Pass” provided free admission.

But the first thing I noticed were people using exercise machines, while they wore face masks. How can you exercise while you are wearing a face mask?


I wanted my free evaluation and training session until an employee said, “That’s the rule here. You need a mask.“

I was shocked. I wanted to learn more about COVID in Florida. So I went home and created this Website.


COVID USA News presents recent news articles from many sources. Each topic / section contains about 50 articles, up to ten days old.

I originally displayed more articles with a longer time span, to follow stories and trends. But in my opinion, anything over 50 or 60 articles is an information overload.

I do not include news sources that require registration or payment to read an article.


I started with California, New York, Florida, Texas – the states with the most news articles. I added Illinois.

I might change the sections, or add more states. But I have no plans to change anything, until I see how the Website operates for a while.

What’s going on with COVID in Florida?

I’ve been vaccinated. My major virus fear, is a sneeze on my face from a stranger. So I get everything delivered, instead of waiting on a crowded line in a store.

When can I return to my normal life?

Nobody knows. Each state has different rules. I am compiling news from four different states.

The coronavirus pandemic changed everyone’s life. Let’s see what happens.

News is updated throughout the day. Visit COVID USA News to stay on top of this grim situation, from a variety of sources.

Do you think you have COVID?

The nice people at National Institutes of Health want to help you.

Read COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines and speak to a medical doctor.

Warning! Do not use information from this Website to make medical decisions.

Do not inject yourself with a veterinary drug. It might kill you faster than COVID.

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Mitchell D. Miller